In Our Clients’ Words


I looked at another gym in Midtown and it had too much of an “in” crowd. At another well-known gym it was hard to get machines and the staff didn’t really help me when I requested help. At Apex, it’s a small gym so I feel connected. It’s good having a coach to teach me cool new things to do. I reap more benefits physically and mentally here than at any others.

I have a free gym through work, but I choose to be at Apex due to the personalized plans and development of my training.

My experience at Apex has exceeded my previous experience because of how my trainer has helped me correct incorrect workout habits.

Apex has created a friendly, non-judgmental environment where everyone feels welcome.

I left a regular gym to go to Apex. I have looked at others but I do not believe I will get the direction I need anywhere else.

The most life changing decision I have ever made was to train at Apex. It’s not just about losing weight at Apex, it’s about wellness as a whole.

I have access to equipment at several gyms, but not the time to research and craft an effective workout plan that meets my needs. Apex takes care of the planning for me, and I really appreciate the consideration that goes into that process.

I have a great deal of trust in my trainer.

The locations is great and convenient. There is good energy among those working out. The equipment is in good shape. The workouts are varied.

My trainer knows my limits (due to injury) and makes adjustments to my workouts to accommodate that.

The trainers at Apex listen to me and really take into account what I feel comfortable doing and what I'm struggling with.