4 Reasons to Shop the Memphis Farmer's Market

Every Saturday from 8am – 1pm, Memphis draws local vendors, farmers, and community members together at the Memphis Farmer’s Market. If you haven’t been or don’t understand why you should go when your local grocery is just around the corner, we’ve got some convincing news for you on why shopping your local market could be one of the best things you do for yourself.

4 Reasons to Shop the Memphis Farmer's Market

So Fresh and So Clean

Buying your produce at the local farmer’s market guarantees you the freshest selection of goods anywhere to be found. Did you know that the average produce found in your grocery store has travelled 1,500 miles before reaching the store and being stocked on the shelves? In fact, half of its shelf life has already expired by the time it gets into your cart.

Produce from the farmer’s market comes from surrounding local farmers and averages about a 2-hour drive before it gets into your basket at the market.

Farmer’s markets also typically attract vendors who grow their produce organically. Meaning it is clean from synthetic pesticides!

Happy Planet

Buying and selling local produce is inarguably better for the environment. Not only is the ozone spared from the 1,500 miles of carbon footprint that store-bought produce creates, but it also eliminates the millions of pounds of garbage waste it creates from packaging. Think plastic wrappers, containers, and droves of cardboard boxes. 

Find a Tribe

“We have all known the long loneliness and we have learned that the only solution is love and that love comes with community.”     ~    Dorothy Day

Research has found that living in community or “finding a tribe” is a key factor to an individual’s well-being. There are many ways to get involved with your local community, but if you are looking to take a first step, getting to the Memphis Farmer’s Market on Saturday is a great first step into the sunshine and into your community. Plus, walking around the market means an added opportunity for exercise!

Spice up your Life

If your diet has become stagnant and you’ve found yourself bored with the usual mealtime preparations, getting out to the farmer’s market is a GREAT way to spice up your life. Not only will you find produce that is the most in season, but you will likely find offerings that your grocer either doesn’t carry or that you’d usually ignore. 

If you need a little variety or inspiration in your meals, we challenge you to pick up one or two new items at the market each week and give it a try. Suggestions: rhubarb, beets, turnips, and leeks are all fun flavors to incorporate into your diet.

There you have it. Save your body, save your mind, support your local farmers, save the earth, and have a little fun. And for an added health bonus, consider renting an Explore bike!

See you at the market this Saturday!

*Photo credit: Memphis Farmer’s Market Facebook Page