5 Questions to Ask When Setting a Fitness Goal

5 Questions to Ask when Setting a Fitness Goal

Who – Who are you? Are you a fitness lover starting a new routine after an injury? A stay-at-home mom who needs some “me” time? A business professional trying to curb the effects of sitting all day?

What – What do you like to do? Are you more likely to be successful with a plan that involves cycling, running, yoga, etc.?

When – When are you going to dedicate time to reaching your goals? How much time do you have each week to train (days and times)?

Where – Where do you see yourself in 1 year, fitness-wise? Able to climb your stairs without getting out of breath? Competing in Iron Mans or competing in body building competitions?

Why – Why are you exercising? Are trying to combat less than ideal health scores? In need of stress relief? Wanting to lose weight? Tone up?

What motivates each person is based on many factors, each of which are important and should be taken into consideration. If we gave cookie cutter plans to all our clients without considering their unique stage of life, personality and ability, we would not be serving them well and they would not be meeting their goals.