A Healthy Approach to Eating at Thanksgiving


It’s here, folks! The time of year when our wallets get thinner and our waists get thicker. Some blame the cold weather and some blame the holidays, but at Apex Wellness, we blame a lack of planning. That’s why we have put together a very easy-to-follow plan that is sure to line you up for success.

Here’s the plan: Don’t Be a Turkey.

What do we mean by “don’t be a turkey”? We thought you might ask, so we laid out a list of common things turkeys do to help you easily identify if you are a turkey.

  1. Turkeys are often caught restricting calories throughout a day or week to “save up” for a special holiday meal.

  2. Attempting to replace a favorite dish with a healthier alternative is a common tactic of a turkey. (Mashed cauliflower is not in any way like mashed potatoes. There. We said it. If you LOVE mashed potatoes, eat them. Just don’t go overboard.)

  3. Turkeys shame themselves for overindulging and enjoying a heavy meal by restricting calories and negative self-talk in the days following the meal. Ban the negative self-talk.

  4. Turkeys are known for mindlessly gobbling large portions of food that (sometimes) they don’t even really like but eat because of nostalgia or tradition (e.g. pumpkin pie, fruit cake, etc.). Use your calories on foods you truly enjoy!

If you are currently portraying or have portrayed in the past, any of the above symptoms, consider yourself a turkey. Before you fill yourself with stuffing, please know that there is hope.

The holidays are a wonderful time of year meant for celebrating with friends and family. It is not meant as a time to completely abandon your health, nor is it a time meant to obsess over your weight and fitness routine, all the while losing sight of what the season is all about.

If you’ve fallen victim to any of the above eating patterns mentioned, I want you to take some time to reflect on why you let food consume your thoughts and life. And ultimately, why you let your relationship with food ruin your holidays.

Did you know it is possible to stay fit and also enjoy some mashed potatoes and gravy? Did you know it’s possible to stay fit without running a 5k on Thanksgiving so you can instead spend time cooking with you grandmother or watching cartoons with your kids? It really is possible, we promise.

The holidays are a great time of year to really focus and start an internal dialogue with yourself on intuitive eating. Eat what you enjoy when you are hungry and move on. Think of the amount of brain space that will free up for you to wholeheartedly strategize your Black Friday shopping…

Don’t be a turkey. Enjoy the holidays without shame and stress.