Easy Ways to Get Exercise

Memphis Mississippi River sunset.jpeg

We’ve noticed when we talk with new clients or people exploring our fitness community, a common concern they have is how to fit all of that new exercise into their already-packed day. Fear not! Getting exercise can be easy, fun, and even quite productive.

The truth is, in order to make real change in your fitness and quality of health, some moderate exercise is needed almost daily. When your formal personal training sessions are only 1 - 2 times per week, it’s important to stay active every day to really reach your personal goals.

By the way, we don’t mean that every day you have to go hard or go home.

When you’re in the gym with us, let that be your hard day(s). We’re there for you to push you farther than you’ll take yourself (it’s human nature to thrive off of motivation and feedback from others).

On your other days, go for something that makes you happy or fulfills a task in your daily life. Here are some examples of everyday ways to achieve moderate levels of exercise.

  1. Park farther away from the grocery store, restaurant, or office door. Walk to the door with a determined pace.

  2. Grocery shop later in the evening. Why? Most area grocery stores will be less crowded, meaning you can keep a brisker pace with fewer starts and stops while you check your items off your shopping list.

  3. When you travel, don’t take the moving walkway in the airports. Walk alongside it. It’s often just as quick! Similarly, take the stairs instead of the escalator at the mall, in a subway, or in hotels. You’ll be surprised how accomplished you feel when you choose to move!

  4. Catch a sunrise or a sunset. Bring someone you love to spend time with and mark it in the “quality time” category. You can do this right in your own neighborhood, or head down to the Mississippi River in the evening for a world-class sunset. (Pictured: Mississippi River in Harbor Town)

  5. Dance. Like no one’s watching.

  6. Clean. The only thing that makes me feel good about cleaning is knowing that the steps, the bending, the reaching, and the movement are reminding my body that it was made to move.

  7. Go on a sight-seeing walk, even in your own neighborhood. Look for different types of trees or landscaping, notice how other people have painted their houses — take advantage of that instinct to be curious (and even a little competitive) and seek out new ways to experience your surroundings.

  8. Volunteer in your free time, even if just for an hour a week. Most nonprofits and places of faith need an extra pair of hands, and often it requires being on our feet and moving.

Don’t let “exercising every day” intimidate you. It’s about moving your body the way it was made to and avoiding being sedentary. If you are moving, you’re being good to yourself. And the more you do it, the more it becomes second nature. You really come to depend on that serotonin release!

What are your favorite ideas for finding regular time for moderate exercise?

Chat with your Apex personal trainer or some of our clients about some other recommendations for staying active when you’re not on a gym day with us. We’re here for you and we believe in your goals!