Swimsuit Season Fitness Tips


I hope the title of this post caught your attention. If you are desperate to drop some weight or tone up before slipping on your swimsuit this summer, then you are the exact person I had in mind when this topic came to mind. Every spring, we see posts all over Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, promising real results, really fast. Cut some calories, do some HIIT classes or drink a certain shake, and you will look like Kate Hudson or Zac Efron in a matter of 6, or maybe 8, weeks.

First, the Bad News: If you haven’t been taking care of yourself the entire winter, there is no way you’re going to have the body of a Victoria’s Secret Angel or The Rock in 6 to 8 weeks.

Now the Good News: That’s ok. No, really it is! You may not be able to reach all your goals in 6-8 weeks but you can make positive progress towards those goals in a healthy way and with sustainable results.

If you are really interested in jump-starting your weight loss or fitness goals while maintaining realistic and long-lasting goals, you will want your fitness program to focus on 3 things: HIIT, Resistance training, and healthful eating.

HIIT: We can appreciate folks wanting to try and drop some weight quickly leading up to summer. That is why we suggest HIIT classes or other interval training to blast calories so you can start dropping LBs. Interval training is all about getting your heart rate up for short bursts of time with a short recovery afterwards, repeated several times or as many times as you can.

The wonderful thing about interval trainings is that you can do it anywhere. We love our HIIT classes, but you can get a similar workout on a trail or a bike at the gym.

Resistance Training: Typically our programs focus heavily on resistance training, with cardio workouts taking a backseat. For the sake of swimsuit season, we will humor you and say you can balance these 2 areas of focus leading up to the start of summer. After the start of summer or even mid-summer, we want you to use the momentum you will have from dropping some weight and lean more heavily on resistance training. We’ve outlined below why we are so crazy about resistance training.

  • Improves muscle definition (toned arms and glutes)

  • Improved muscular strength (can more easily perform daily tasks)

  • Burns 5-7 more calories per pound than fat (muscular people need more food)

  • Muscle weighs less than fat (and takes up less space).

Healthful Eating: Most everyone knows the basics of healthy eating, right? Eat more fruits and veggies, and eat less fast food and candy. Yes, it really can be that simple. However, for most folks it’s not. Most of us have learned patterns of eating. Either bad habits we acquired over the years, a family culture focused around meals or even emotion-driven behaviors (e.g. stress eating). If you fall into one of these categories, knowing you need to eat more fruits and vegetables isn’t going to cut it. What you will need is accountability.

At Apex Wellness, we find that clients who hold regular sessions with our trainers are more likely to stick to healthful eating behaviors than those who are inconsistent with their training. Not only do our trainers provide that accountability our clients are seeking, but the consistent exercise keeps them motivated to continue making healthy choices.

Depending on your current level of activity, medical concerns, or knowledge of fitness and healthy eating, it is best to consult with a professional as you get started. A fitness professional will not just help you set realistic goals but they can also design a program that takes in to consideration any health concerns or injuries. For example, many folks will venture into a new fitness routine with a lot of enthusiasm and decide to go out for a jog on their first day. However, they are 50 LBs overweight and have been sedentary for 3 years. A professional would NEVER prescribe such an individual a running regimen, as they would inherently know not only is not necessary, but it could be physically dangerous.

Another example would be old or recent injuries. The number of clients we see with low back pain or joint pain is countless. Joining a fad fitness group you find through a friend on Facebook is not going to safeguard your area of injury. You may end up injuring yourself further and putting a terminating wrench in your new fitness routine.

If you are ready to get started with some positive lifestyle changes and the impending start of summer is your catalyst, more power to you! Every journey has some driving force behind it and if yours is feeling confident poolside – we won’t judge! As long as you have realistic and healthy goals, we are here to support you on your journey every step of the way!