To Get Fit, Get Personal

We learn the basics of a healthy lifestyle from an early age. Whether through PE class, a health class in middle school, or your parents constantly defining certain foods as “junk,” you start to put together some starter facts of what living a healthy life means.

  • Lifting weights = stronger muscles

  • Doing cardio = stronger heart

  • Eating less = weight loss

Benefits of a Personalized Plan for Exercise and Diet

These basic facts are true, but they are not one size fits all. Since these basic facts produce positive outcomes for some people (mostly young, already healthy people), many personal trainers think they are all anyone needs to get fit and live healthy, and that simply is not the case.

Think about all the personal trainers you’ve met or seen in your tenure at the gym. We would argue that 90% of them are in their 20’s, are healthy-living enthusiasts, and have no notable medical conditions. So yes, they lift weights and gain muscle, they eat less and lose weight, they do cardio and can run marathons. It makes sense.

However, if we were to flip that formula and ask a 50-year-old, full-time employed father of 3 to produce the same results as that 20-something personal trainer, we would likely all agree it wouldn’t be fair. The trainer and the father of 3 are two different people, with different lifestyles, home lives, goals, and perspectives on healthy living, and because of that, their fitness formulas differ substantially.

If you are looking for a personal trainer, our number one piece of advice for selecting the BEST trainer is to find someone who asks more questions about you than you ask about them. A personal trainer should be exactly that: PERSONAL.

And we don’t mean the warm-fuzzies. We mean their first goal in working with you is to understand you personally.

  • What is your work schedule?

  • Do you have any past or current injuries?

  • Do you have any exercises you hate?

  • Any exercises you really love?

  • What is your diet like?

  • What are your goals (short term and long-term)?

  • What is your family’s culture of food?

  • Do you sleep well?

  • What are your responsibilities at home like?

These are great questions that your personal trainer should ask you during your first session and they should only dig deeper from there. We all have a story. We all have a history that defines our choices and our habits.

If your personal trainer can’t understand those, then how can they give you the personal and emotional support you need to be successful? They can’t.

A great personal trainer needs to understand your story and be able to empathize with your struggles in order to truly celebrate your successes. If you feel like your trainer has prescribed you a one-size-fits-all program, move on. Find a trainer who truly loves supporting their clients through their personal victories and setbacks.

You deserve more than a trainer who has never struggled. You deserve more than a trainer who is just benefiting from the free gym membership. You deserve a trainer who is willing to dig deep and get personal.