Tuesday Tip: Squats Just Got Better

No one likes having a hard metal barbell across their shoulders when doing squats. Not even us.

So, we upgraded our equipment with a specialty piece called a Safety Squat Bar. See how happy our trainer, Alex, is when using the Safety Squat Bar?!

There are multiple benefits of using a Safety Squat Bar in your workout:

1) Most importantly, it’s just more comfortable. We’re always looking out for you!

2) It stabilizes your body and your weight distribution better than a traditional barbell.

3) Your grip now goes in front of you, rather than parallel to your ears. We’ve seen clients experience better comfort, confidence, and balance with this slight change in grip.

4) It gives you a happy medium between a back squat and a front squat, whereas before you were doing one or the other at any given time. As your body starts to experience squatting in this new way, it can help you overcome plateaus that you may have been experiencing.

5) Although we always have an eye on you and your form during your workouts, the Safety Squat Bar is safer, especially for higher reps or heavier weight. Between the hand grip, padding, and weight distribution of your body, you’re doing a safer squat.

This is one of our favorite pieces of equipment. If it’s not in your custom workout program yet, guess what — it probably will be! We hope you enjoy the increased comfort and other benefits of the Safety Squat Bar.