Tuesday Tip: Your Squat Is a Dead Giveaway

When our personal trainers work with new clients, or change up a fitness routine with an existing client, one of the best tools we have to get a baseline is a squat. The way you naturally do a squat - before any coaching from a personal trainer - shows a lot about areas of muscle tightness or weakness that need to be worked on to help you improve your mobility, increase your strength, and prevent injury in your workouts.

In this case, areas of muscle tightness from years of working at a computer were immediately apparent to our trainer, Billy. He had our client go through a series of leg, hip, and thoracic spine openers (more on those in upcoming posts). He then observed her squat form again, noticing immediate improvements and better understanding how to build her customized personal training program.

So, when your personal trainer asks you for some squats, we hope you do it with a smile!