Why You Need Sleep for Better Health

We’ve said it before, and we will say it again: Get yourself some sleep.

Stop making excuses or making choices that prevent you from going to sleep and staying there for at least 7 hours. Our bodies are designed to have this restful period once each day so our bodies and minds can recharge and rehabilitate.

When you do not allow your body that rest, you are putting your mental and physical health at risk.

Why You Need Sleep for Better Health 

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There are a lot of myths about sleep that people still believe. Let’s go over the 4 most common.

  • I only need 4 hours.

You are lying to yourself. You don’t only need 4 hours; you’ve just “gotten by” with only 4 hours. What you really need is a minimum of 7-9 hours each night for optimal health according to the National Sleep Foundation. You might not want to admit it, but you are very likely (secretly) overtired.

  • I will catch up on sleep over the weekend.

Unfortunately, this is not how sleep works Sure, after 5 days straight of getting less than 7 hours of sleep, you will likely sleep in over the weekend without a problem. But studies of the brain show that consistent lack of sleep cannot be undone or caught-up on. 

  • You need less sleep as you age.

Older adults (65+) may not sleep at night for 7-9 hour as recommended. However, the sleep requirement for this age group is still in fact 7-9 hours. Why do you think granny is always falling asleep in her La-Z-Boy?

  • I can’t fall asleep, I have insomnia.

Did you know that around 58% of adults report at least one symptom of insomnia? You might also find it interesting to know that an insomnia diagnosis consists of 4 total symptoms that interrupt sleep more than 3 times a week. The symptoms of insomnia are as follows: Difficulty falling asleep, waking up too early, frequent awakenings, and waking up feeling unrefreshed. 

If This Sounds Like You

If you are a common sleep myth believer, our goal is not to shame you but instead to tell you the truth that you are holding your body back from one of the most essential things it needs - good sleep.

We hear from clients that they struggle to get enough sleep and their reasons why, and we can see the consequences of not getting enough sleep in their training, their work, and their home lives. The most important thing we can tell you is that sleep is possible. Just like any bad habit you develop, this one too can be broken.

If we’ve gotten your attention and you are ready to consider exploring how 7-9 hours of sleep a night can improve your physical, mental and emotional well being then check out this past post where we walk through the 4 most common reasons people aren’t getting enough sleep and what you can do about it.

This post is part of our “Apex 6” series covering the 6 vital things you need for quality of health and quality of life. Each month for the remainder of 2019, we’ll give you another of the “Apex 6.”