Stephen Akindona's Apex Wellness Story

Stephen Akindona

Trainer: Billy

Profession: Real Estate Investment


When enough is enough, you know it. Sometimes, your medical doctor will help you understand when you’ve reached the point when change needs to happen.

Our client Stephen reached that point last year. His doctor told him that his pre-diabetes had become full-blown diabetes. He was also experiencing high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

“I was in a bad way with my health,” Stephen says. "I was fatigued with low levels of energy all the time. None of my clothes fit and I was feeling depressed.”

Stephen has been an Apex client for 10 months and trains with us three times a week. When he came to us, he had three goals for himself:

  • Get his blood sugar back in the normal range

  • Lose 100 pounds

  • Get a clean bill of health from his doctor

“I woke up one morning and decided enough was enough. I was going to change and become healthy.”

We love when our clients come to us with goals that could literally save their life. Stephen and his trainer, Billy, dove right in. Billy formalized a training program to get Stephen where he aimed to go and continues to cater each training session to Stephen’s personal needs and goals. Each time one of Stephen’s milestones are met, Billy introduces another element of the training program to help Stephen work on new areas that need strengthening and to keep Stephen interested in the exercises.

“I love how my training is specifically catered to me. I knew that a traditional gym membership was not going to work for me because I have tried that in the past and failed. I need someone who is going to push me and hold me accountable!”


The great news about Stephen is how much his health indicators have improved. His blood sugar level is now reading in the normal range. His other indicators, including blood pressure and cholesterol readings, are in the normal range. And, he has lost 60 pounds toward his 100-pound goal.

We’re super proud of Stephen and his commitment to good health. It’s not always easy … in fact, none of us at Apex will tell you it’s easy to completely change your life and get a clean bill of health. It takes hard work, consistency, and motivation. And that’s exactly why we’re here! Our trainers get to know each client so we can spot the days when energy is low and extra motivation is needed, or when maybe just a light day or a long walk instead of an in-gym workout is best at that moment.

Each program and each session is personal, so as long as you bring us what you’ve got that day, we’ll help you reach your goals.

“My Apex membership is life changing. The atmosphere is welcoming and non-judgmental. You can be in any health condition and be treated with respect. All of the trainers are top notch and Billy is exactly what I need when I need it! “

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