Sumeet Chahal's Apex Wellness Story

Sumeet Chahal

Trainer: Ryan

Profession: Consultant


Every consultant knows a thing or two about when to outsource to the best person. When consultant Sumeet Chahal decided to outsource his workout planning, he chose Apex Wellness.

Sumeet is a former Marine and has been active in fitness since he was 15 years old. He worked out with weights and running to prepare himself for entering the Marine Corps. Even after completing his four-year contract with the Marines, he kept up a five-day-a-week routine.

Though he is no stranger to fitness, he had been thinking about finding a personal trainer of his own. For years before doing so, he tried doing it on his own with a combination of weight lighting, running, yoga, and an attempt with CrossFit.

It was when he was going to become a dad for the first time in his early 40s that he decided to finally give personal training a shot. He was looking to take his fitness to another level and get more fit for the newborn he and his wife were expecting.

Sumeet’s goals when he came to Apex included increasing his energy level, increasing strength, and building a community. He is stronger and is making steady progress with his energy. He is also happy with the friendships he’s made within the Apex community. In fact, Sumeet’s wife and her best friend also joined the Apex community!

As a consultant, Sumeet spends nearly 90% of his work week on the road. Planning workouts is no longer something he has time to do. When he is home in Memphis, his priority is on spending quality time with his family.

As his trainer, Ryan takes all of the planning off of Sumeet.

I always tell people I outsourced my workout plans. I walk into apex and no longer think about what I need to do, I just trust Ryan to make the right decisions for me.

Some of his favorite exercises involve the ropes and kettle bells. And when Apex has fun fitness challenges for our clients, Sumeet readily participates!

In addition to his improved strength and energy, Sumeet says that he’s sleeping better, his clothes fit better, and he has better stress management since beginning his personal training journey at Apex three years ago.

With a work life spent on the road and two little girls under the age of three, none of those are easy feats. Keep it up, Sumeet!

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