At Apex Wellness, Fitness Truly IS Personal.


We customize a fitness program that works uniquely for you.

As a client at Apex Wellness, you will experience a well thought out personalized plan that we develop based on your goals, your fitness level, and everything we learn about what motivates and rewards YOU.

How do we make certain we’re creating a customized fitness plan for YOU? Prior to your first personal training session, we begin with a complimentary health and fitness consultation. This offers us a comprehensive understanding of how we may best serve you.

During this session we:

  • Gather health and wellness information

  • Work together to choose realistic and motivating short and long-term goals

  • Discuss your potential roadblocks and how we are going to work around them

We also guide you through a simple and effective mobility screening so we know the safest path towards your goals.

Nothing matters more to us than knowing we are creating a lasting difference in your life. With your ongoing input and regularly scheduled assessments, your personal trainer continues to create customized wellness programming that keeps you moving in the right direction.


The Best in Memphis

We strongly believe that our customized approach to personal training and overall health is unique in the Memphis personal training industry.

We think that makes us the best personal trainers in Memphis … but you don’t have to take just our word for it.

Read what our clients say about their Apex experience.

“I have access to equipment at several gyms, but not the time to research and craft an effective workout plan that meets my needs. Apex takes care of the planning for me, and I really appreciate the consideration that goes into that process.”