Welcome to Apex!

At Apex Wellness, we’ve been helping our clients lead healthier and happier lives for nearly 20 years. People of all ages, professions, and fitness levels, from Midtown Memphis and beyond, choose Apex personal training for a variety of reasons …

The #1 reason clients choose Apex personal training is because they receive personalized attention, guidance, and feedback from us.

The #2 reason we’re the top Memphis personal training gym of choice is because we create a variety of customized workouts for our clients based on THEIR goals — not based on what we want to teach that day.


Reasons to Choose Personal Training

  • You’re frustrated with your current training program or you’re not seeing results

  • You need guidance to get to the next level

  • You want more motivation or accountability

  • You’ve got an injury or chronic condition and prefer tailored expert attention

  • You have specific goals you’re trying to meet within a certain time-frame

  • You want more support and direction in achieving your fitness goals


“The trainers at Apex listen to me and really take into account what I feel comfortable doing and what I'm struggling with.”

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