Pam Branham

Trainer: Ryan

Profession: Talent Manager, Legility


Pam has been an Apex Wellness personal training client since 2015 and works out with us two to three times a week.

When Pam came to us, she had just committed to a healthy eating plan and had lost 30-40 pounds the year before. She had found the weight level she wanted, but still aimed to get stronger, gain muscle tone, and improve her balance. She had been a member of a traditional gym but was finding it hard to keep up the motivation to go. At the recommendation of her chiropractor, Lindsey Carr, Pam met with our founder, Ryan, and immediately saw that we are very interested in her personal goals.

Since joining our fitness community, Pam has experienced numerous wellness benefits, and she keeps pushing herself further in her goals. She has more energy, has lost weight and toned up, has become stronger, and her clothes fit better. She says she has achieved more than she thought she could with her fitness and has met people at Apex who she enjoys seeing.

“My goals were to gain strength, muscle tone, and better balance. I have definitely become stronger. When I try to open things or lift my grandchildren or move furniture, I am much more able than before I joined Apex. I am getting more toned and my balance has improved.”

Her fitness program at Apex has introduced her to many exercises she likes, including one called Skull Crushers, which is great for the triceps. Pam has two granddaughters who she spends a lot of time with, so her personal training workouts at Apex are helping her stay strong and fit for that. As a talent manager, Pam has her own clients who are also part of the Apex fitness community, which adds to her working relationships with them.

Pam walks a lot for additional exercise and has a very active social life and travel schedule. And — congratulations, Pam — in 2018 she ran her first half marathon with Billy, one of our fantastic Apex trainers.

Pam - marathon.jpg

Pam’s first half marathon

2018 | Memphis

“At Apex, I feel like I am working out with friends who hold me accountable to my goals. We joke around, but also get down to the business of working out. They make a plan for me, but listen to me and make adjustments when needed. I like the fact that someone else puts the time into planning and I just get to follow instructions. I am sometimes reluctant to go up in weight, but, I trust them to push me.”