Tim Garrett

Trainer: Billy

Profession: Architect


Tim is a lover of all things physically challenging. (As if his training photo didn’t give that away. Yes, that is a heavy chain draped over his abdomen as he dead-lifts his own body weight from the floor.)

He’s been an Apex client for three years and works out with us three times each week. In his own words, Tim says the Apex Wellness community is '“priceless” for him.

“It’s not about the weights. It’s really about the heart, the mind, and the body. All three are challenged and changed in such a positive way at Apex. Personalized training has made such a huge impact in my life.”

Tim chose personal training at Apex because he wanted to incorporate resistance training in his fitness routine and also challenge himself to become increasingly stronger, both physically and mentally. Billy’s training expertise and our great location in Midtown Memphis has Tim hooked.

Tim is always pushing himself to get stronger and better at his exercises, which has become a real inspiration to many of our other community members.

With each week that passes, Tim continues to increase his physical endurance and achieve new levels in fitness. He now has more energy and feels reduced stress - always some of the key benefits of a great workout regime. His time at the gym has led him to new friendships with other clients and the trainers. “We have a really great community!” Tim says.

All of that strength comes with a lot of heart, too. Tim is currently the board president for the Humane Society of Memphis and Shelby County. And his favorite pastime is spending time with his family.

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