Meet the Training Team!


Our training team customizes fitness programs that fit YOUR life. New client sessions are now available and our training team would be delighted to work out with you. L to R: Jon Nestler, Ryan Smith, Billy Tune, Alex Adair, Chloe Perkins

We are deeply committed to helping you create real outcomes that make you healthier, happier, and stronger. Our trainers are experts in fitness and healthy living. Most importantly to the Apex community culture, each of our trainers cares about making a lasting difference in your life.

We welcome any fitness level and ability into the Apex community. Our trainers create your wellness program based on your fitness goals, lifestyle, nutrition habits, and any medical limitations.

Benefits of an Apex Personal Trainer

“Chloe is great at assessing how much I need to be challenged - what I'm ready for and what I'm not. If we try something and it doesn't go as planned, we just do it a different way or take it slower.” - Lauren P.