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 “The most life-changing decision I made was to train at Apex. It’s not just about losing weight at Apex. It’s about wellness as a whole.”


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5-Month Community Member

For about a year before coming to Apex Wellness, Regina suffered from depression. She wasn’t happy with herself mentally or physically, but — kudos to her — one day she decided to do something about it


1-Year Community Member

The great news about Stephen is how much his health indicators have improved. His blood sugar level is now reading in the normal range. His other indicators are normal. He has lost 60 pounds.


3-Year Community Member

Though he’s no stranger to fitness, Sumeet thought about personal training for years. When he was going to become a dad for the first time in his early 40s, he decided to finally give it a shot.


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Survive & Thrive with Nutrition

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Wellness Hub

Over the years, we have developed partnerships with other wellness practitioners.

We regularly refer our clients to the professionals featured in our Wellness Community.


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At Apex Wellness, our fitness strategies for each client are truly personal. We get to know you, your goals, and your unique circumstances before developing your customized training plan.

Experience what it’s like to have PERSONAL training.